Has Google sold out their domain customers?

The primary reason to use Google Domains as my registrant was that I could put a small website on Google Sites for free; - fully included in the domain name registration.

Now that Squarespac has 'bought' the business from Google. It is not easy to determine what will happen to Google Sites or the Blogger sites that were available to domain owners.

I have sent a request for information to Squarespace but did not receive a reply until many days after reading Google documentation that seems to say that the connection to the registered domain will still be available for Sites. I did not find any information on Blogger connectivity to a domain held by Squarespace.

This whole checking was a particularly convoluted process in itself, with constant redirections to get a Squarespace site or use Google Workspace. If I wanted a paid service I would have bought one ... sheesh.

The net result is that we are stagnant here. Rest assured we wont be using Squarespace for site hosting.